Over the course of the European ITEA3 project, a system interface for real-time systems needed to be developed that would connect virtual and real and functional prototypes over long distances. In particular, ACOSAR refers to „Advanced Co-Simulation Open System ARchitecture“.

The consortium, which includes renowned vehicle manufacturers and developers (AVL, Bosch, Porsche, VW, Renault, Siemens, Virtual Vehicle, dSpace, Etas, ITI) and research institutions and technical universities, are involved with the task of creating a standardised solution for virtual vehicle development.

This is why we are so pleased that MEDS has assumed development of the physical converter module. The physical converter module is a Linux board for connecting sensors and actuators. The information exchange is ensured by the predefined ACOSAR protocol. In this case, MEDS will take over the complete hardware development and the software development for the embedded Linux application.



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