Hard and software development

Thanks to continuous training of our employees, we are able to offer efficient implementation of analogue and digital switches with technological focuses:

  • all conventional microcontrollers from 8-bit to 64-bit processors
  • RISC and CISC processors
  • Hardware simulation
  • Embedded technologies
  • Embedded software development with C, C++ or Assembler
  • Switching plan – input and routing
  • Test software with LabView and Python
  • EMV- compliant development

We‘re happy to support you with the optimisation of existing designs, and we can check you planned production costs for the possibility of potential savings.

Research and development

Through good access to university research institutions and many years of practical experience possessed by our employees, we are a skilled partner for your research and development projects:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Cost analysis of all resources
  • Implementation concept focused on electronics
  • Development or product concepts
  • Product-specific testing and inspection processes
  • Documentation as per ISO9001 or ISO13485

Programmable logic development

Optimise your production and development costs with programmable logic.

PLDs and FPGSa are characterised by:

  • “short time to market”
  • high logical integration density
  • Flexibility
  • Minimisation of storage costs
  • PLD – Programmable Logic Device
  • CPLD – Complex Programmable Logic Devices
  • JTAG – Joint Test Action Group
  • FPGA – Field Programmable Gate Array
  • ASIC prototyping

Implementation is completed using components from Altera, Xilinx, and Lattice.

Product development

From the idea to series production – you provide us the idea and our skilled technicians ensure efficient implementation of your project. During product development, we accompany you from the product idea to development and then serial production. You will be advised and supported by a team of specialists (design, mechanical, electronic). Close cooperation with our customers is very important to us.

  • Feasibility studies, implementation concepts
  • Cost analysis
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Circuit diagram creation
  • Circuit board drafting
  • Production initiation and serial guidance
  • Selection of a production operation according to technical and economic criteria
  • Production control and monitoring of production quality
  • Development of approval processes
  • Analysis of existing solutions
  • Production consulting
  • EMC analysis and inspections
  • Project documentation as per ISO9001 and ISO13485


Our own production area is laid out on prototypes for the projects developed by us. In case of larger quantities or serial production, we have production companies that we work with depending on the project requirements.

  • Components and material purchasing
  • Customer-specific complete development up to series
  • Prototypes and serial production (small, medium, large series)
  • Circuit board fitting in mixed and SMD technology
  • Customer-specific special series
  • Assembly of complete devices, modules, and housings
  • Quality assurance via permanent electronic testing, module testing
  • Burn-in test and optical inspection
  • In-circuit test


We are also available to provide you consulting with regard to electro-technical questions. With our know-how, we clarify significant points at the start of a project to avoid additional costs.