Battery Balancer – MCS120

The project MCS120 concerns the redesign of the VAS6910 Battery Balancer from AVL DITEST GmbH. The VAS6910 identifies defective cells of a lithium ion traction battery, to facilitate replacement if necessary and to minimise the influence on intact cells. Due to the newly developed batteries of upcoming vehicle types, the voltage has been increased from 60V to 75V (voltage network category B1). This voltage level requires particular protective measures with the circuitry and layout design. Due to the active connection of the MCS120 and the battery, serial or parallel operation of the two network parts takes place automatically. The power output attained through this (serial as well as parallel) is limited to 3kW.

Furthermore, the device was designed for use at an altitude of 4000 metres, in order to compare the measured values of the MCS120 with simulations. MEDS was commissioned with the complete redesign of the circuitry or layout and provided support with the mechanical integration and housing implementation.

At the present time, we are working in cooperation with AVL DITEST GmbH to formulate the test scenario specifications for final commissioning of the MCS120.




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