EXIAS-Medical develops medical devices in the field of in-vitro-diagnostics, and the company does so with many years of experience and a broad, multidisciplinary approach. One of these medical devices is a blood analysis device in a highly compact table construction. This is operated by means of a touchscreen, which issues the results via an integrated thermal printer. The measuring samples are delivered via intelligent, exchangeable measuring cartridges, whilst the measuring procedure can be supplemented with an automated quality assurance option. Furthermore, it is possible to integrate the measuring device in hospital systems via a network. These top-level features are controlled by an embedded RTOS and cooperate closely with the technical device infrastructure.

MEDS has developed the infrastructure for this, which consists in part of hardware components that control all actuators, as well as stepper motors, and capture and condition the measurement signals. A further independent embedded RTOS is used on the software side here. The infrastructure communicates with the RTOS on the application side via an internal, rapid and highly reliable interface. Only abstract commands are transmitted by the overall application, which receives immediately completed measuring results for further processing.